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Equity in Practice Certificate 2: Pursuing Race Equity in Parks and Recreation

Thank you for your interest in NRPA’s Equity in Practice Certificate program! 

The next cohort (Cohort 2) of Equity in Practice Certificate 2: Pursuing Racial Equity in Parks and Recreation will be in Fall 2024APPLICATIONS OPEN JULY 8! Put a reminder in your calendar to come back to this page to apply!

Below is an overview of Certificate 2, Pursuing Racial Equity in Parks and Recreation. 

Who is this Certificate for? 
Prerequisite: Completion of Certificate 1: Exploring Racial Equity in Parks and Recreation

During this program, participants will support each other to practice a mindset and skillset essential to putting equity into practice effectively, over time. Participants will analyze best practices and exchange insights from embedding those practices into their workplace.

Equity in Practice Certificate 2: Pursuing Racial Equity in Parks and Recreation is designed especially for individuals and teams in our Parks and Recreation community who have completed Certificate 1: Exploring Racial Equity in Parks and Recreation, and have a strong foundation for taking concrete actions toward greater equity.  

Certificate 2: Pursuing Racial Equity in Parks and Recreation, is a 12-week opportunity to elevate your thinking about equity and to build a strategic Equity Action Plan. This certificate offers a bit less new content - and a bit more time for dialogue with peers who, like you, are courageously and thoughtfully pursuing equity in their unique context.  

This certificate also lays the groundwork for Certificate 3: Integrating Race Equity in Parks and Recreation. During Certificate 3, participants focus on a concrete initiative to increase equity in their agency, get feedback from leaders in the field, and prioritize ways to amplify attention to equity in their day-to-day work moving forward.  

Overview of Certificate 2 
Similar to Certificate 1, Certificate 2 is an interactive program consisting of 6 learning blocks. Each block includes an interactive workshop during which you'll explore lots of important concepts and skills for growing equity in the field of Parks and Recreation. Each block is also supplemented with self-paced learning activities to keep learners engaged between workshops. 

Review the Certificate 2 learning journey here: https://learning.nrpa.org/equity-in-practice-certificate-programs

Learners are provided with a workbook for each learning block to guide them through activities to advance their strategic plan between workshops. 

We are proud to offer this program at no cost to individual NRPA members

Time Commitment 
Cohorts are 12 weeks long and include 30-60 minutes of self-guided work each week, and 6 live, 2.5-hour virtual workshops via Zoom (1 workshop per 2-week learning block). 

The required Live Virtual Workshops for the next cohort be held from 1:00 – 3:30 PM EST on the following dates: 

Workshop Date
Workshop 1 Tuesday, September 17, 2024
Workshop 2 Tuesday, October 1, 2024
Workshop 3 Tuesday, October 22, 2024
Workshop 4 Tuesday, November 5, 2024*
Workshop 5 Tuesday, November 19, 2024
Workshop 6 Tuesday, December 10, 2024









*This date is subject to change due to Election Day. We will determine the date for Workshop 4 in collaboration with those enrolled during Fall 2024. 


Questions? Contact Tiff Cunin (they/them), Sr. Education Manager for DEI, at dei_education@nrpa.org